Natural male enlargement

Natural male enlargement refers to natural methods that are employed to increase the length of the human penis. Besides the use of natural methods to enhance the size of the penis, there are surgical procedures and use of pharmaceutical products that are used. Natural male enlargement involves a number of physical therapy procedures that include stretching and techniques aimed at increasing the blood flow into the penis, among others. stretching may be done through use of small weights. Several techniques can be used at the same time to increase the length of the penis.

Invest time in male enlargement

Among the most popular natural male enlargement is referred to as jelqing. Jelqing increases the length of the penis by enhancing blood circulation and pressure around the penis thereby creating a ‘milking effect’. The technique entail frequently stroking the penis while squeezing it. This is done towards the gland’s corona from the shaft. There are artificial gadgets that have been manufactured to achieve effect. The effectiveness of jelqing technique is highly disputed by many scholars, however, most scholars agree that the technique has limited chances of causing harm to the penis. When carried out incorrectly, it can result to pain, disfigurement and insensitivity of the penis. It is recommended that jelqing should be done when the penis is erect, but not fully erect. When carried out on a fully erect penis, it can result to physical pain. More so, one should lubricate the forefinger and the thumb of both hands in order to reduce friction.

The procedure begins at the base of the penis and ends at its head, and repeated using the other hand. It should not be done violently, but gently. Each squeeze should take a few seconds, and one begins with about 100 strokes and with time, they can increase to about 500. the other natural male enlargement procedure entails stretching the penis. stretching is done when the penis is not erect. The flaccid penis is held at the head and stretched forward until when it reaches the maximum length. Upon reaching the maximum length, the penis is held in that position for about 15 seconds. The procedure is repeated severally while stretching the penis on both the right and left side. After completing the procedure, the penis should be shaken vigorously to enable it to relax the stretched muscles.

Use natural methods

Another natural male enlargement technique involves ballooning. Ballooning is done when the penis is fully erect and one is almost ejaculating. This procedure involves holding back the ejaculation by holding tight the head of the penis and thereby stretching the penis muscles and tissues. The stretched tissues are likely to result to an increased penis length. The natural male enlargement techniques are also used to address other issues that relate to the functionality of the penis.
These natural methods are also used to addressed problems such as increasing the period of erection, reversing impotency,and improving sex climax. The natural male enlargement techniques should be carried with optimal care to avoid injury of the penis.