Idol Lash – your beautiful eyelashes

Genes are worth putting your eyes. If lashes are thick, rich and long, you’re really lucky!
Here’s what you can do to have great genes:
Unfortunately, the number and size of our genes are “fixed” at birth and you can not do much to stimulate their growth. But proper care is extremely important. If you use mascara every day, do not forget to correct cleansing.
Accumulated mascara debris can smother the roots of your eyelashes, and some genes may fall because of this. They fall and regenerates slowly, but if you “choke” mascara will fall in large numbers.
idol lashRegeneration
To stimulate regeneration genes can apply from time to time a little castor oil on the roots. Use an old toothbrush mascara, well cleaned, to evenly distribute the oil. It provides important nutrients the hair root, which helps the healthy growth of your eyelashes.
Turned Eyelashes = beautiful eyelashes
When it comes to making up gene, a trick to help you really put them out. Before applying mascara, use the back camera genes. Your eyes will seem larger and sensual genes. It is very important to choose a quality, otherwise you will destroy the genes!
Eyelashes intense color
If you do not use mascara, you can put genes into evidence much simpler. All you have to do is paint them, if they are lighter. In fact, most genes were almost transparent tops and painted will be more visible, as would be lengthened overnight.
Attention! Necessarily resort to the services of a beauty salon for this and do not try in any way to create your genes paint only home! The salons use a special paint, more gentle, which affects your eye health.
Idol Lash
Idol Lash is a unique treatment that will help you get eyelashes longer, darker, thicker and more beautiful in just a few weeks. Idol Lash should apply it once a day. In 2-4 weeks your natural lashes are longer, thicker, darker and more beautiful!
No matter how brittle, short, thin or have rare genes, Idol Lash’s revolutionary formula will not only long lashes but also it will thicken and it will darken. With this treatment you can get beautiful eyelashes in 4 weeks. This formula it is used also when you have eyelash extensions.
False eyelashes, yet natural
False eyelashes applied one hair gives you exactly what you want: long eyelashes, thick and beautiful, but with a very natural look. No one will realize you are not your genes! It is however important not to exaggerate and to upload your eyelids too.
It is an ideal way for those who do not have time to apply mascara. Get a natural effect for several weeks. You can sleep with them, you can wash and clean with care. The only problem is with the price, which tends to be quite expensive compared to traditional false eyelashes.
Ideal mascara
For use it almost every day, mascara you choose must be one of very good quality. Invest in a proper mascara to your lashes but depending on what you want.
Application is made from the gene root tips, with slight zigzag movements. One coat is perfect if you want a very discreet makeup and the second helps you reveal about good genes. Do not apply more than two coats! Genes will be overloaded and will look vulgar.