Is cellulite a big problem?

The generic term cellulite is spread used on large scale, and represent the condition that is manifested by appearance of the skin of “orange peel”, as we all know too well.

Given that left untreated, cellulite pate even lead to serious skin legs. The factors that cause the emergence and evolution are often genetic, hormonal, nutrition and lifestyle stress level. By the age of 30 years a 90% of women develop some form of cellulite because of female hormones and can occur rarely in men.

revitol cellulite creamFirming, moisturizing, toning

Shower gel scrub prepares the skin for the treatment of cellulite. Microspheres to scrub removes dead cells and activates blood circulation, leaving skin smooth and toned. Chestnut extract potentiates the activity of the microspheres, preparing the body to treat cellulite effectively.

Additionally, vitamin B5 provides moisture and softness.

Heat cream cellulite has local heating effect that accelerates the penetration of caffeine-rich natural assets and chestnut stimulating the degradation of fats and removing them from the tissue. Ingredient that creates the heating process is commonly used in curative medicine. finally, the appearance of “orange peel” is reduced and the skin becomes smoother and firmer. For this you can use Revitol Cellulite. Revitol cream has many benefits as:

– Reduce the appearance of cellulite

– Improves the appearance of skin on the thighs, legs and butt

– Is easy to apply

– No deposits or odor

– Works in both men and women

– Do Free tingling

– It is available direct to you

Food Rules to Combat Cellulite

The main changes in dietary habits in last decades tend to influence especially the female body, a body protected by nature of energy deficiency and starvation, but risk being destroyed by abundance. The most serious error consists in giving food to plant foods in favor of animals.

Lack of movement, excessive consumption of refined sweets and high fat foods and high dose of preservatives, flavor enhancers and additives are essential determinants of eating disorders.

To these conditions are added modern methods of contraception that require daily intake of a certain amount of estrogen, and it contributes to weight gain and increased cellulite. Therefore it is very important what you eat and how you eat.

Not eating vegetables and fruit withered. Their vitamin content is reduced and, in addition, develop inside their dangerous toxins. The same is true for oil rancid fruit or other food that began to rancid.

Don’t hold green fruits and vegetables in water more than washing them. Vitamin Cwhich are abundant in these rapidly dissolves in water and lose a large part of it.

Don’t use pots or pans made ​​of aluminum or other metals in the enamel is damaged. during heating and cooking food is released through these cracks toxic compounds that pass food.

Never eat deformed canned. Any small deformation of the can cause damage to the inner coating of the metal box, so small toxic metal particles pass into the food inside them.

What most important rule of healthy eating specialists vision is to respect   the 3 meals a day, the last one before 7 pm. Breakfast is of paramount importance in the body’s metabolic economy, preventing unwanted fat deposits.

Basic rules to combat cellulite

Observe the general rules, such as gradually start with lighter exercises, then increasing the level of physical exertion; to accompany each movement with proper respiratory dynamics and keep up fasting in a well ventilated and with proper clothing.

Besides personal effort and laughter therapy sessions, a little help in the process of transformation you can give him some natural health remedies; vitamin B6 and folic acid, taken in small doses, can be considered a kind of vitamin mood.